New Cover Art! (Behind the scenes)

To kick off the new year MWC has new cover art and logo!! Huge thank you to Steve Potter for the wonderful art! Steve Potter is known for his work for Topps trading cards on Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, Walking Dead, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and now MWC.

I first contacted Steve back in July 2019 for a MWC Garbage Pail Kids commission for a shirt !wanted to make for myself. Now, let me just say this - I TRIED so hard to sketch out a GPK design by myself but want getting the result I wanted. So, that's why I reached out to Steve.

Below you can see the sketches I sent to Steve for the cover art.

As you can see... I want a little overboard with the arrows.

Now, with all that sent to Steve I took time to do the rest of the GPK shirt design.

The MWC Topps parody logo was a BITCH. It may look simple, but it ain't, son!

After months of anticipation, I finally got a message from Steve Potter. Not only did Steve deliver this GPK illustration...

He also, unprompted, gave me this beauty.

When I first saw these illustrations... It fucking BLEW ME AWAY. Steve Potter is a damn genius.

OH! I should mention. Steve Potter is a traditional artist, so everything he did was on ink and paper. WHICH MEANS HE'S SENDING ME THE ORIGINAL ART! (ughhh I can't fucking wait to get that shit framed!!)

Before Steve could color the piece I figured I'd give it a shot. So I took the illustrations into Photoshop. 6-7 hours later I came out with this....

BLAM! I originally wanted this commission for a shirt, but after I saw the end result I KNEW it would be perfect for the new cover art because it goes perfect with the new MWC Theme Song (still in the works). I added the joint on impulse but it kinda works so I left it.

For those with eagle eyes you may notice the poker table im sitting at had drawings all over the felt. This is accurate to the poker table I record at, as you can see in the image below.

100% stole that idea from another podcast, Tell 'em Steve-Dave! Actually, if you look closely at the illustration I put "4CD 4Life" which is a reference to TESD.

After the character was colored all that was left was to put it all together for the new cover art...

There it is! THE NEW COVER ART!! I'm incredibly happy with how this little collaboration project turned out, I hope you feel the same. Please show some love for Steve Potter!



I totally made a few shirts with this design. The first is this "Clubhouse Kids" shirt.


There are a bunch of different colors to choose from!

This next shirt is really something cool. For a limited time only, get this ALL BLACK minimalist shirt with print on the front and back... for only $13

That's all i got for now. Recording tonight with Tony the Pony and an unboxing video featuring Alaina and myself! Stay tuned!

Meow Bitch,

Justin Kyle


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