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Fat, old & Angry Podcast

What happens when you peak at 20 but still exist for decades afterward? You become THIS guy.

Hosted by Tony Monero


All cats are grey in the dark

A podcast about a variety of dark subjects including true crime, paranormal, abuse, and much more.

Hosted by April Simmons and Sahara Holcomb

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Gotham city police cast

Gotham City Policy Cast is about the Batman Universe History and Origins

Hosted by Shaun Bailey

the chuck and brad podcast

Comedians Chuck Staton (Senior Discount) and Brad Rohrer (the Providence Improv Guild) obsess over pop culture as artists, with artists.

Hosted by Chuck and Brad

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The jacked Kirby podcast

Join Jack Kirby fans as they invite weekly guests to discuss and explore the work and contributions of the comic book industry's greatest creator, with lots of laughs along the way!

Hosted by Mike D and Tommy Lombardozzi


The hoof

A podcast about two guys with family ties. Chris Laudando & Tommy Lombardozzi talk to each other, and guests, about life... with some comedy thrown in. Recorded in Brooklyn, New York.

Hosted by Chris Laudando and Tommy Lombardozzi


Countdown to geektown

A weekly podcast counting down exciting weekly news, as well as covering many areas of geek, games, comics, and sports.

Hosted by Eric Mason and Jessie Privett

talking codswallop

British comedy podcast with 3 friends Talking the Codswallop every week, life's little adventures, bizarre news stories that tickle our fancy, and we also have had the opportunity to record episodes with many celebrities before too.

Hosted by Gemma, Andy & James

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Comic bs

Do you like comics? Beej loves comics! Let him take you deep inside the wonderful world of comic books and offend your ears at the same time. 

Hosted by Beej Anderson

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