God dang good God - Episode 50! This is a pretty huge episode for me - not only is it episode 50 (holy fuck!) I got some quality time with my boys Brandon and Rob. With all this free time I have now and I finally figured out how Zoom works, the plan is to do a LOT more podcasting.

AND the good news is, I might be able to start doing more VIDEO PODS using Zoom! So expect some of those in the future, assuming I don't fuck anything up. I really hope to build as the virtual Clubhouse for the Podcast. Everything will branch from this site. Here you will find Episodes, Videos, Blog (duh), Merch, Facebook/Twitter, Contact and a special Other Podcasts tab!

Side note:

If you'd like your Podcast featured on the website please feel free to send me a message on the Contact tab!

I hope everyone is doing well in this apocalypse!

Meow Bitch,


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